VALORANT Breeze Map: Tactics for Island Battle Victory

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VALORANT Breeze Map: Tactics for Island Battle Victory

VALORANT Breeze Map: Tactics for Island Battle Victory

No matter how long you’ve been playing VALORANT, exploring the huge Breeze map can be a bit stressful. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Always know what’s new in Patch Notes 7.04, and your journey on Breeze will be easy.

VALORANT Breeze Map: The Tropical Paradise: A Quick Look at Breeze

Imagine an old castle on an exotic island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Breeze is the most colorful and bright area in VALORANT. The Caribbean and pirate stories inspired the theme of this pirate-themed playground, which has a huge cargo ship wreck in the background.

VALORANT Breeze Map: How to Get Around in the Vastness: Hints, Tips, and Secrets

Breeze is VALORANT’s biggest map, with lots of open area and long lines of sight. Flankers are happy because there are many ways to get to each spot. Places like B Window and Mid Nest are great for snipers. Get ready for changing parts in A Hall, which is the key to A Site. You can climb ropes, handle the locked A Site door, and use the one-way chute to make quick moves.

Changes to Episode 7 of Map Evolution

Breeze has changed a lot since Patch Update 7.04. Since A Cave is no longer there, A Shop is the fastest way for enemies to get to A. A Hall went through big changes; scaffolding blocks the middle, making it harder to get to. A Switch is now a safe place for Defenders, while A Chute is better for Attackers. Better callouts were added to The Pyramids on A Site, and Mid Pillar’s view was shrunk. A Hall has a much smaller effect on games, which makes the gameplay feel new.

VALORANT Breeze Map: Calls to Action: Breeze Locations

A Website

  • It’s a big room with three ways to get to A Site.
  • Rope: Going up a rope from a lobby to a hall.
  • Hall: A long hallway that is blocked off with scaffolding.
  • Metal Doors: A Hall’s Tight Spot (note: this no longer applies after changes were made to the Hall).
  • Bridge: An elevated path that leads from A Hall to the Defenders Side Spawn.
  • Switch: Defenders now prefer the mechanical door that connects a hall to a site.
  • Pyramids are big cover buildings on a site that have unique symbols on them.
  • Wooden Doors: A pathway of average size under a hall that leads from the hall to a site.


  • Rudy’s/Bottom: An open area that links the Attackers Side Spawn to the Mid.
  • Cannon: A wide tunnel that links B Site to Mid Bottom.
  • Nest: A room on a higher level with a view of Mid, B Tunnel, and B Elbow.
  • Top: The upper part of the middle with a lot of cover.
  • rock: There is a big rock between Mid Top and Mid Bottom.
  • It’s a small spot on the back of the Mid Pillar.

Site B

  • Snake: The path from the Attackers Side Spawn to the B Site is windy.
  • Window: The room is higher up and has views of B Main and B Site.
  • Main: An open courtyard connects different parts to B Site.
  • Boxes: The only cover in B Main is a stack of boxes.
  • Elbow is an L-shaped tunnel that links B Main to Mid Top and Mid Cannon.
  • Tunnel: A passageway below ground that connects B Site to Mid Top.
  • Back: There is a covered spot on B Site that is great for crops.
  • Wall: A freestanding brick wall that makes it hard to see into B Site.
  • Arches: A long hallway leads from the Defenders Side Spawn to B Site.

There you have it—the complete guide to beating Breeze with NIAGASLOT! Now that you have these tips, tricks, and callouts, you can make your way through the colorful chaos and win VALORANT’s island battle. Have fun playing!