The Vines: Singapore Fashion Brand’s Controversy Explained

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The Vines: Singapore Fashion Brand’s Controversy Explained

Beyond The Vines, a company that makes clothes, got in trouble because the people who started it said some things that made others upset. The problem started when one of the owners, Daniel Chew, liked a page on the internet that supported one side in a big fight happening far away between two places called Israel and Hamas. Some of the people who liked the brand got mad because they thought the brand was deleting comments that supported the other side of the fight.

Why People Got Upset

Singapore fashion brand. More trouble happened when Rebecca, who is also an owner of Beyond The Vines, went on a live video on the internet to talk about what was happening. She said her husband followed that page because it had different things at first but stopped when it talked about serious stuff. Rebecca also said they talked to the people who make Instagram, and they said they use a computer to stop certain words and emojis. This might have made some people not able to comment anymore.

Why People Were Angry

Many people didn’t like how Rebecca talked about the fight and smiled and laughed during the video. They thought she didn’t take it seriously, especially because it was just before they were going to show new clothes.

Saying Sorry

Later, Daniel Chew and Rebecca said they were sorry on the same place where they had trouble before, on the internet. They said they didn’t want innocent people to get hurt, and they didn’t understand how serious the situation was before.

How People Felt About the Sorry

Some people didn’t think the sorry message was true, and they said it was like a pattern. But others thought it was a good start to try to make things better.

About Beyond The Vines

Beyond The Vines started making clothes in 2015 and became very famous in Singapore. People liked their clothes so much that even in Japan, many started liking them too. They became very popular because they made nice clothes that people really wanted to wear.

In Summary

Beyond The Vines had a problem because the people who started it said things that made others upset. The owners said sorry later, but some people didn’t believe it was true. Beyond The Vines started in 2015 and became famous for making great clothes that many people in Singapore and Japan love.