Month: September 2023

Hood River Event

Mastering Solar Eclipse Photography

Mastering Solar Eclipse Photography: Insights from Alan Dyer

Alan Dyer, a renowned astronomy author and photographer, recently shared invaluable tips with the Hamilton Amateur Astronomers group on the art of photographing a solar eclipse while ensuring you still savor the celestial spectacle. These insights are equally relevant for the upcoming annular solar eclipse set to traverse the Americas on October 14, 2023. As…
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The Silk Road International League of Theatres

The Silk Road International League of Theatres: A Global Gathering of Performing Artists

The Silk Road International League of Theatres (SRILT), established in October 2016, has become a driving force behind the global exchange of cultural and artistic experiences. With 155 member units hailing from 45 countries and two international organizations, SRILT has played a pivotal role in fostering international cooperation and artistic exchanges. As of March 2023,…
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